Our December Organization of the Month is Epicenter, a local community center in my hometown. This will be the second time we are donating to Epicenter. Initially Zach Maclellan, the Community Resource Advocate for Epicenter reached out and invited me to Epicenter to take a tour of the community center to learn and see all of the amazing programs and amenities that are available to the community through the center. 


Epicenter is a local community organization located in both Edgewood and Aberdeen, Maryland and is built to serve the community.


Epicenter’s mission looks to:


1. Empower people by providing people a place to serve and give back to the community.

2. Strengthen families by investing in both children and adults; giving them the tools they need to succeed.

3. Build a sense of community and trust in both Aberdeen and Edgewood by developing leaders not only for today, but generations to come.


Epicenter strives towards this mission through 4 main programs which include: Youth, Health, Recovery, and Life Skills. Examples of these programs include a “ZONE” program that provides an “e-learning” classroom for students during COVID. Another program that is very beneficial is “Employment Readiness” which provides those seeking jobs with the tools, resources, and support that leads to successful employment.

We had an important impact with our first donation to Epicenter and I am confident this month will be no different. This donation will help to fund student scholarships in the community!


Thank you so much for joining me in celebrating and supporting this wonderful organization this month!

If you would like to learn more about Epicenter, please click here


🌿 1st month donation to Action Against Hunger: $333.86

🌿 2nd month donation to Robin Hood: $143.45

🌿 3rd month donation to WIRES: $145.82

🌿 4th month donation to Breast Cancer Education and Awareness: $86.88

🌿 5th month donation to CMW Project Graduation and The Nature Conservancy: $105.00

🌿 6th month donation to No Kid Hungry: $164.51

🌿 7th month donation to Pencils of Promise: $100.68

🌿  8th month donation to the Common Ground Foundation: $217.27

🌿  9th month donation to the Green Belt Movement: $360.27

🌿 10th month donation to the Coral Reef Alliance: $452.82

🌿 11th month donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty $384.16

🌿 12th month donation to the Environmental Defense Center: $539.31

🌿 13th month donation to the Harford Family House: $1,912.37

🌿 14th month donation to the Organization for Autism Research: $1,008.22

🌿 15th month donation to Epicenter: $4,867.46

🌿 16th month donation to Breaking Taboo: $2,787.89

🌿 17th month donation to the Folck's Family Go Fund me: $1,212.96