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October Organizations of the month


The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people.

The Trevor Project provides crisis counselors that are trained to answer calls, chats, or texts from LGBTQ young people who reach out on our free, confidential and secure 24/7 service when they are struggling with issues such as coming out, LGBTQ identity, depression, and suicide.

Through legislation, litigation, and public education, 
The Trevor Project is the leading advocate for LGBTQ youth mental health 
in preventative and intervention efforts at the federal, state, and local level to 
address factors that place 
LGBTQ youth at significantly higher risk of suicide. The Trevor Project advocates for the rights and futures of LGBTQ young people through legislation, litigation, and coalition-building.

The Trevor Project also focuses on research and education. Through innovative online training workshops and strategic partnerships across the United States, the Trevor Project has been able to reach more people than ever before: 


  • 100,000+ Youth and youth-serving adults 
reached through our CARE, Ally, and Lifeguard workshops

  •  20,000+Educators trained to create safe spaces in schools

  • 1st In the nation to launch a partnership with the NY Department of Education

Thank you for joining me in celebrating and supporting the Trevor Project this month. I would encourage you to read more about the amazing work that the Trevor Project continues to do as well as learn different ways you can help the LGBTQ+ community.

On June 24th, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to overturn Roe v. Wade, which protected the federal right to an abortion. Instead of allowing women to make their own decisions about whether to have an abortion, that decision-making power now rests with state governments. 

80% of Americans support a woman’s right to choose, however a small minority used the power of the court to overturn Roe. Abortion can be a complex and emotional issue for some people and special interests have spent years and billions of dollars to try to exploit those emotions and divide us. Most Americans agree, abortion is a deeply personal choice between a woman and her doctor and should not be dictated by the government. Recent polling shows that regardless of whether someone aligns as pro-choice or pro-life, over two thirds of American want the government out of this decision.

A quick look at our history will tell you that eliminating access to abortion does not reduce the number of abortions, it just eliminates the number of safe abortions. In fact what is proven to reduce the number of abortions is easy access to birth control and affordable healthcare.

When Roe became law in 1973, illegal abortions were considered to be a public health crisis due to the number of women who where harmed and even killed from their prohibition. The legalization of abortion provided women a safe option in their reproductive healthcare.

Set to Shine stands with women and their right to choose what happens to their body. Since the decision of abortion has been left to the states, this leaves women, in states that have made abortion illegal, at great risk. Because of this, half of our donations from these month's launches will be donated to The Brigid Alliance.


The Brigid Alliance is a referral-based service that provides travel, food, lodging, child care and other logistical support for people seeking abortions. They  prioritize clients beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy for whom it’s generally more expensive and harder to find a provider near home. The Brigid Alliance is part of an ecosystem of support organizations that is propping up abortion care access in this country in an increasingly hostile environment.

Keep up with our Donations

      - 1st month donation to Action Against Hunger: $333.86

      - 2nd month donation to Robin Hood: $143.45

      - 3rd month donation to WIRES: $145.82

      - 4th month donation to Breast Cancer Education and Awareness: $86.88

      - 5th month donation to CMW Project Graduation and The Nature Conservancy: $105.00

      - 6th month donation to No Kid Hungry: $164.51

      - 7th month donation to Pencils of Promise: $100.68

      - 8th month donation to the Common Ground Foundation: $217.27

      - 9th month donation to the Green Belt Movement: $360.27

      - 10th month donation to the Coral Reef Alliance: $452.82

      - 11th month donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty $384.16

      - 12th month donation to the Environmental Defense Center: $539.31

      - 13th month donation to the Harford Family House: $1,912.37

      - 14th month donation to the Organization for Autism Research: $1,008.22

      - 15th month donation to Epicenter: $ 4,867.46

      - 16th month donation to Breaking Taboo: $ 2,787.89

      - 17th month donation to the Folck's Family Go Fund me: $1,212.96

      - 18th month donation to Epicenter: $ 312.76

      - 19th month donation to Nova Ukraine: $1,638.23

      - 20th month donation to The Trevor Project: $1,148.22

      - 21st month donation to The Brigid Alliance: $1,235.45

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