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If it was as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Updated: May 6

Dear journal, friends, and future friends reading this blog,

This is my first blog post- but I don't know if I would call it that. It feels more like a journal; a safe space. A space to share intimate parts of myself, as this journal entry will do, but also a space to share fun memories like upcoming travels, life tips, fashion & jewelry - an extension of myself, as Set to Shine is. The past year has been quite a transformative year. I went from not having the energy to brush my teeth in the morning to waking up and being truly excited for the day ahead. It has been an interesting journey full of trials and tribulations. To make sense of it all, reflect on my progress and the lessons I learned, I kept a journal. Writing out my thoughts has been a healing experience for me, and I want to bring that same healing to this journal entry.

If you've ever felt:

  • lost

  • overwhelmed

  • anxious

  • unfulfilled

  • sad for no reason

  • or are just trying your best at living life, having some good days and some bad days,

my hope is that by sharing my experiences and the lessons I've learned along the way, you find something that resonates with you. Or, at the very least, that you find comfort in knowing you're not alone.

At first, I struggled to find a way to present the lessons I learned in a comprehensive and organized way. I didn’t want to just throw a random collection of thoughts, experiences, and lessons onto a page and hope that it resonates with you. No, I want to convey these lessons in a way that's easy to digest, meaningful, and most importantly, applicable to your life.

After more than a few months (I have been writing this journal entry for quite some time) it hit me, the overarching theme of my journey and the lessons I've learned is this:

Put energy into things you can control, and don't put energy into things you cannot control.

I will be breaking this theme down into two parts; three chapters:

Part 1: Things you cannot control: The Past and the Future

Chapter 1: The Past: Why holding onto the past will hold you back

Chapter 2: The Future: Why holding onto a vision of the future also holds you back

Part 2

Chapter 3: The Present: How finding your power in the present moment can unlock a life beyond your wildest dreams

I want to express that I don't have all the answers to life's questions (duhhh I would be naive to think this) I'm still growing and learning, but I do want to share some really eye-opening bits of knowledge that have changed my life. I'll be using personal experiences to relate my lessons, but I believe the overall message is applicable to many different situations. So, please keep an open mind when reading my thoughts. You may have differing opinions, and that's okay. What's important is to learn from each other, to hear out different perspectives, and to continue growing and learning.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first journal entry; I hope it offers something of value to you. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to share my journey with you. Writing this has been an immensely healing experience, and I am grateful for having a space where I can be authentic, candid, and vulnerable.

And now, I invite you to turn the page and join me at the beginning of my journey...


At the start of 2022, my jewelry business was everything I could have dreamed of, but it also came with a whole new set of challenges. This rise in success came suddenly and I found myself juggling content creation, social media marketing, product creation, website management - the list goes on, and this barely scratches the surface of all the different hats I was wearing. It was a lot, to say the least. And while I was and still am incredibly grateful for this growth, I wasn't well equipped to balance the workload in a healthy way.

I remember my first large sale vividly. It was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. And, well, I made a few mistakes - okay, a lot of mistakes. Orders were delayed, customers were unhappy, and I felt like I was drowning. I worked day and night, sometimes going 30+ hours without rest. It was madness. And while I managed to fulfill all those orders and learn a lot of lessons along the way, the stress and anxiety stuck with me.

I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome, worried that I wasn't good enough to handle the workload. I was still deeply saddened and embarrassed that I had allowed myself to be in a position where customers would have an unpleasant experience with me or my shop. I became really anxious and unsure of myself and my shop. This led to a vicious cycle of avoidance, procrastination, and isolation, as I tried to cope with my negative thoughts and emotions. I would often take breaks from social media, hoping that time away would help me recharge and refocus, but it only left me feeling more burnt out and lost. Instead of reaching out for help or creating systems to better manage my workload, I turned to vices like smoking and binge eating for immediate gratification, numbing myself to the stress and anxiety I was feeling - or rather trying not to feel. It wasn't until my world came crashing down that I realized these coping mechanisms weren't sustainable and weren't actually helping me address the root cause of my struggles.

It is now May 2022, and I'm moving out of my shared apartment with my ex-boyfriend, just shy of our five-year anniversary. I'm not moving into a fancy new space, though. Nope, I'm heading back to my childhood bedroom at my parents' house - Why, you ask? Well, I had quit my well-paying government job, which both my parents and I had been so proud of me for securing right out of college. I did it to pursue my dream of owning a jewelry business, the same business that was now causing me so much stress and doubt.

I was disappointed in myself, felt overwhelmed, burnt out, and unsure of how to handle my life that felt like it was crumbling around me and ONTO me. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my transformation.

- And that, my friends, is where the good stuff begins - the lessons I've learned and the growth I've experienced.