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Affirmations Envelope Necklace

Affirmations Envelope Necklace


These past few months, reciting affirmations or positive messages throughout my day has helped me shift my mindset and replace my negative and anxious thoughts with positive thoughts and perspectives. I wanted to create a piece of jewelry that could help to encourage being kind to yourself and thinking positively. A necklace that you could always wear and keep close to you while having a positive reminder 🥰

Love you: To remind you that you are always loved, no matter what you are doing, where you are in life, what kind of day you’re having, you always deserve love, and you are very loved 💗

Exist loudly: A reminder to listen to your heart and intuition, do things in your life that make you happy, that makes your soul happy. Breathe in life entirely, take up space, and exist loudly!

Feeling lucky: Whenever you feel like you need a lucky charm for the day. Whether you have a job interview, are going on a date, experiencing something new, or even buying a lottery ticket if you want, having a little extra luck can never hurt ☺️


BONUS: Sometimes I like to write myself little notes and put them in my envelope necklace too, the possibilities are endless!