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Invest in Your Story: Meaningful Jewelry Committed to Empowerment, Sustainability and Giving Back


We use conflict-free gemstones, 100% plastic-free packaging, and donate 20% of our profits to support vital movements that champion environmental sustainability and social justice.


We're dedicated to creating collections that are creative and meaningful - each one more inspiring than the last. We strive to grow and evolve alongside you, so that you can feel supported and empowered to take on every day with confidence and style.


Our collection combines creativity and longevity with affordable pricing because we believe that everyone deserves to be adorned in beautiful jewelry that stands the test of time.

We believe that buying jewelry is an investment in yourself - one that deserves to be fully informed and transparent. We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your purchase, which is why we've provided some helpful FAQ's below.

  • What materials do you use?
    We take pride in using innovative plating techniques to provide you with affordable gold and silver pieces that maintain their shine and beauty over time. Please keep in mind that jewelry care is also an important part of ensuring your pieces last a lifetime. Our gold pieces are 18k gold plated over a brass or stainless steel base ✦ Our customized double plating process creates pieces that possess the rich, strong, and lasting qualities of full gold pieces, while maintaining affordability. Allowing us to offer a wide range of intricate and sophisticated designs that would be prohibitively expensive in solid gold. ​ Our silver pieces are Rhodium plated over a stainless steel or sterling silver ✦ Rhodium is an extremely rare precious metal that costs twice as much as gold by weight. We use it as a plating material on solid sterling silver or stainless steel because it is hypoallergenic and helps prevent tarnishing and scratching. It also changes the color of the silver from a dark grey to a clean, white-gold finish. We also use conflict-free genuine gemstones in our designs because we believe they bring a high-quality and expensive touch to our pieces. Each gemstone is thoughtfully included in our designs, not only to help you feel beautiful but also to give you extra healing energy and power from within on your journey through life. ✦ The gemstones used in our pieces are detailed on the product page, so you can make an informed decision about the properties of each piece.
  • How should I care for my jewelry?
    We recommend to... ✦ Avoid swimming with your pieces as chlorine and sea water will react with the metals and cause your pieces to tarnish. We also recommend removing your jewelry before stepping into the shower. ✦ Storing your jewelry in an air-tight container when not being worn is best. This will prevent oxygen, moisture, and other chemicals from tarnishing or dulling metals. If you’re not going to be wearing a piece for a while, don’t leave it sitting out, you can store your pieces in the provided Set to Shine pouches or boxes. ✦ Set to Shine is working on providing each order with a jewelry cleaning cloth, if your piece becomes tarnished or dull, delicately polish your pieces and they will shine brighter than ever. ✦ Avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewelry. Tip: Wear your jewelry after you've sprayed your perfume or put on lotion.
  • Does my jewelry come in a box or pouch?
    Both! Depending on the design, your piece of jewelry will come in a gold-embossed microfiber jewelry pouch or a branded jewelry box. ✦ Earrings come with 18k gold or sterling silver earring backings to ensure there is no irritation while wearing your earrings. ✦ If you would like to request a box, jewelry pouch, or gift customization/ personalization, please leave a note at checkout.
  • The piece I want is sold out; will it be back?
    Yes! We aim to restock most pieces from our collections, especially best sellers. If you want to be the first to know about restocks and new collections you can stay updated through our Instagram, or join our e-mail list (submission box at the bottom of this page)
  • How much is shipping?
    Set to Shine offers free shipping on all domestic & international orders that are $150.00 and over ✦ The shipping costs stated below reflect (& are lower than) the USPS calculated rate for packages. As a small business, I try to maintain affordable shipping costs by paying for a portion of the shipping from my own pocket. I want to be able to reach the point where Set to Shine can offer free world-wide shipping on all orders, and I hope that I will be able to provide this soon. In the meantime, thank you for working with me and being patient while I make I make this transition. ✦ Domestic shipping on orders under $150.00 is a flat-rate fee of $4.00 ✦ International shipping on orders under $150.00 is a flat-rate fee of $15.00
  • How long does order processing take?
    Processing times vary from item to item, please note that this is a small business run by one person, and each order is packaged with care as quickly as possible. If you need to rush your order, please leave a message in the chat box (bottom right hand corner of page) or in the "add a note" section at checkout. Order processing and shipping time is 7-14 business Days.
  • What happens if my package gets lost?
    Making sure you receive your order and can wear your beautiful new jewelry is of the upmost importance to me. If you are worried that your order may be lost, please email me at or send a message in the chat box (bottom right hand corner of the page) so that we can resolve this issue.
  • What happens with broken pieces?
    I take great pride in the quality of my jewelry and ensure a high-level of care goes into packaging and securing your jewelry as your order makes its way to you. Although this is a rare occurrence, sometimes things happen and I appreciate your kindness and patience as I work to resolve this issue. If your jewelry has arrived broken: Please email me at or send a message using the chat box (bottom right hand corner of page) to notify me of this issue and I will send a replacement immediately. If your jewelry breaks throughout its lifetime: Set to Shine offers a 1-year warranty on all pieces of jewelry. For inquires about broken jewelry, please email me at or send a message using the chat box (bottom right hand corner of page)
  • Where can I see my order status?
    ✦ When your order is being packaged, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number in order to stay notified on the whereabouts of your order. ✦ You are also able to track the status of your order by navigating to the "My Orders" tab found under your profile name.
  • How do I sign up for rewards?
    ✦ You can sign up for our rewards program by clicking on the "present box" icon found on the bottom left side of the home page. ✦ Once you have clicked on this icon, you will be guided through the sign-up process (which takes less than a minute)
  • How can I use my rewards?
    ✦ You can redeem your rewards by clicking on the "present box" icon found on the bottom left side of the home page. ✦ Once you have accumulated enough 'coins' you can redeem them by converting them into a payment code (a unique-to-you coupon code) ✦ Your coupon code will be revealed and can be used immediately. Your coupon code also remains saved in your rewards profile, so you can save your coupon code for a later date if you don't want to use it right away. ✦ Once you want to use your coupon, simply copy and paste it into the "promo code" box that will be available at checkout.
  • How can I contact you?
    ✦ You are more than welcome to use the chat box, found at the bottom right hand corner of the page to get in contact with me. Or, you can reach Set to Shine by sending an e-mail to ✦ I try to check both my chat inbox and e-mail daily, but since I am a one-person business, please allow 1-3 days for a response. Thank you for your patience and understanding. (If this is an urgent matter, please make this clear in your message, so I can be attentive to time-sensitive messages) ✦ If you have sent me a message through the chat or through e-mail and have not received a response back, it could be due to my e-mail response being sent to your 'junk mail,' so please make sure to check that inbox as well and be on the look out for a response coming from

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